Budapest Hostels

Grand Hostel Buda
This is an independent youth hostel that certainly knows what it is doing when it comes to providing you with inexpensive accommodation and thanks to their approach to the service that they provide you will certainly feel as if this hostel is different to all of the rest. More Info

Hostel Budapest Center
The hostel has wooden flooring which keeps the rooms warm during winters and walls which have been tastefully colored. It’s always nice to stay in a place with good ambience. This ensures a peaceful and pleasant stay and you have lots of good memories to take back. More Info

Hobar Hostel
You have a comfortable bed with fresh linen and even the bathrooms are well looked after, which is something that you cannot say about every hostel. The same applies to the communal areas so there is a real feeling of the place being hygienic which is always a bonus. More Info

William’s Hostel
Finally, the place has recently been renovated so everything is brand new and has been upgraded and this is another bonus considering you are still paying a low price to stay in the William’s Guesthouse and Hostel. This means that there is a real freshness about everything and of course cleanliness is the absolute order of the day as well. More Info

LOL Boutique Hostel
The staff at LOL Hostel are friendly and welcoming. At the front desk, you will meet both Hungarian and international staff who will assist you in the language you understand best. In any case, you will have 24-hour assistance throughout including travel guides just in case you are a visitor here. More Info