All I can say is that frankys hostel is truly a warm and inviting place,my name is Samuel Schiff and I am writing my review and all I can say is that this hostel is fanatastic it has some of the best hospitality I have ever ever seen the hostel owner was so very helpful she provided us the room of her very own because all the of the hostel was full so more details comfy mattress with good pillows fresh sheets whenever you would like a washing machine here's the best part there is a bath tub!!! Personally that makes it #1 in my book, cooking facility's are very well sized and clean, plenty of electrical slots as well as WiFi it ways acting odd when I was there but I can say it is very high speed also it's only a 10 minute walk t 4 main streets 15 minute walk from city park so it's well located away from the typical tourist trap

July 30, 2014